About us

Webnebulus was formed by two experienced technology consultants as a vehicle to develop innovative products for niche markets based on emerging information and communication technologies. Paul and Neil have worked together since 2003 on high profile ICT projects for the UK and EU governments.

Paul Palmer

Paul has a background in commercial electronics manufacturing where he implemented Computerised Manufacturing Systems and Computer Aided Engineering. He developed early database-driven websites and other innovative web-based applications. He later became a Senior Research Fellow and worked on an early community of interest. He was an investigator on an EPSRC-funded project which captured life stories in rural India, and an invited panel member to the RSA Design Directions competition which addressed needs highlighted by those stories. He became Director of the Integrated Products Manufacturing Knowledge Transfer Network. He is well versed in web standards, on-line accessibility, and a competent web programmer in many scripting languages. He is accredited as a Prince 2 Practitioner and one of the first Fellows of the Institute of Knowledge Transfer.

In his spare time Paul is a Management Board Member for Rutland Water Nature Reserve, an entomologist, and a keen supporter of initiatives to raise public awareness of local wildlife.

Neil Rathbone

Neil has a background as a Director and CEO of commercial B2B marketing consultants, and later of non-profit organisations in innovation support. A past Fellow of the Institute of Directors, he became an independent consultant in technology management and communication for 20 years, where he oversaw projects around the introduction and use of emerging ICT, with a focus on organisational management and human factors. Coming from a background in communication, he led the dissemination and communication work package of two major EU research projects in Digital Ecosystems. He has given seminars and run courses internationally in subjects such as journalistic writing for scientists, and has developed structured training and support within UK and EU government networks.

In his spare time Neil is a keen photographer and volunteer flying instructor. He has written articles for the leading general aviation magazine, ‘Pilot’. He also has an interest in social history and archaeology.

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